Faiz Ahmed Faiz (13th February 1911 - 20th November 1984)

This poster (18" x 23" Art Paper) of Faiz Ahmed Faiz was released by "All Pakistan Trade Union Federation" soon after (in December 1984) the death of Faiz Sahib. The poster was designed by Qaisar Nazir Khawar. It was developed from a photograph of Faiz Sahib sitting on a chair with his hands on a round table. The poster became a symbol of Faiz Sahib. First edition was of 5000. By fifth edition its number went up to 25000. Later Faiz Foundation and many others used the same by adding flying dove(s) and reprinted it. This poster is a symbol of Faiz even today.

Apart from launching poster of Faiz it also organized "Faiz Aman Mela" on Faiz's birth anniversary in 1985. Initially it was an austere effort but this tribute to Faiz grew and Railway Stadium, Lahore became its venue where thousands of people started paying tribute to Faiz Sahib. It was Zia's Marshal Law period. No one dared to take this initiative at its own even the family. "All Pakistan Trade Union Federation" continued this 'Mela' till the decade of 90's started. Family of Faiz established "Faiz Foundation" and high jacked "Faiz Aman Mela" from people and "All Pakistan Trade Union Federation", changed its venue from Railway Stadium, Lahore and restricted it to Alhamra Arts Council Lahore.

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